More typical customer questions and answers

  1. FROM WHAT AGE CAN YOU DRIVE A SEGWAY ? In my experience the most recommended age is from 8 years old, to take into account that the route must be easy and the flatter the better.
  2. 2.ALCOHOL OR DRUGS - The Segway works with balance and must be careful, in the case of having drunk or is not in good health it significantly increases the risk of fall, therefore it is totally forbidden to drive it without being 100%
  3. 3.SEGWAY BRAND - Segway is a personal mobility apparatus (VMP) brand. So Segway is not the device, but a brand. The American brand Segway was absorbed by its Asian competition "Nineboot" with the help of giant Xiaomi and currently no "American Segways" are manufactured, however the Asian brand has on the market a number of products legally called Segway such as nineboot.
  4. 4.I WANT TO BUY A SEGWAY - At a particular level everyone can buy the VMP that they deem appropriate, I always advise you to know what is bought, reliability, durability, sensitivity and security elements are key when making the decision to buy. At the business level and in my experience I would only recommend Segway, since the reliability and above all security of the person who drives it is proven as of the people around him.
  5. 5.SEGWAY RELIABILITY - saying Segway is equivalent to saying Mercedes at quality level, 8 years of experience endorsing that it really is the best brand on the market by far!
  6. 6.HOW IT MAY HOLD UP ALONE - The Segway has in the inner being 2 motors (one for each wheel) and what they do clutch the platform where we put our feet always keeping it horizontal , all with a sophisticated system of gyroscopes and inclination sensors.
  7. 7.CURRENT LEGISLATION - The most recent information is that the DGT ceded responsibility for the regulations to each town / city, making each one able to decide its regulations according to the urban model.


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