Not everything is a Segway!

Segway is a brand and you cannot call any VMP device (personal mobility vehicle) Segway


Why an original Segway?

The sensitivity, precision of movements, reliability, safety elements, power .... Segway is an internationally recognized brand with 20 years of experience!! Anyone who has tried one knows.


How to differentiate them?

Easy, you just have to notice that the word "SEGWAY" is written in different parts of the device.


Redundant Segway technology

Segway is the only device in the world with a redundant system, 2 base plates working in parallel at 80 checks per second, this gives maximum reliability


EEC certification

Segway complies with the safety standards of the EEC, it is also a device approved and recognized by all insurance companies.

These are not Segways, they are VMPs of unknown brands of Asian origin


Extreme situations?

Have you wondered what would happen if more power than normal is requested in a device of this type? the answer is easy, guaranteed fall!


Sensitivity in turns?

Lack of precision in turns making it difficult to maintain a straight line.



It is completely illegal to call another brand's device a Segway, lest you be sold Ferraris and then find yourself with other brands.


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