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The Montgrí, Medes and Baix Ter Natural Park is made up of three spaces, which are the same ones that give it its name.
Montgri: Corresponds to the emerged part of the Medas Islands coastline.
Medes Islands: Includes the emerged part of the Medes Islands. Its main interest lies in the underwater wealth, which is included in the ZEPIM (protection at European level of the waters of the Mediterranean, of areas of special interest).
• Bajo Ter: part that includes the area corresponding to the Aiguamolls del Baix Empordà.
Immerse yourself in the Medes Islands and open your eyes is to discover a new world full of life, with a multitude of organisms that live their daily lives oblivious to what happens outside the waters. The Medes Islands form one of the most important nature reserves in Europe!
The Montgrí, Medes and Baix Ter Natural Park, with a total extension of approximately 8,200ha, is framed in a much larger landscape.
This landscape is the one constituted by the beauty of the Baix Empordà region, with a very varied Mediterranean landscape, this allows us to find the beauty of Mediterranean forests intermingled with the most diverse coves spilled in front of the sea.
The natural park has protection both on its terrestrial and marine habitats, although it pursues the preservation of the existing habitats in the Medes Islands in a very concrete way.
The forest habitats of the Montgrí massif are dominated by scrub and white pine forests. The cultivation of this area is mainly intended for olive trees, being another of the usual landscapes in the area.
In the terrestrial vegetation of the islands we will find flowers of an extraordinary rarity, fruit partly of the salty character of the apples. Some of these vegetable oddities are mid-mountain flowers in the middle of the Mediterranean or very rare and concrete plants that can only be found on its cliffs.
In terrestrial species, birds stand out, on the one hand we find the marine ones (Marinete, herring gull) and on the other, the birds of prey (peregrine falcon, kestrel).


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